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Mapa da Agroecologia


The Agroecology Map, Knowledge and Practices, is a technological platform that allows the mapping and exchange of Agroecological experiences in order to bring people (from the countrysideor in the city) in order to strengthen or/and create new, collaborative networks that enhance the sharing of real (and sometimes imaginary) experiences.

From the settlement, quilombos, small landowners, through urban gardens, going far beyond, planting ideas (and dreams) to reap well-being, sustainability and preservation.

This is an action that emerged during the preparation of the 10th Brazilian Congress of Agroecology, the 6th Latin American Congress of Agroecology and the 5th Agroecology Seminar of the Federal District and Surroundings, held in Brasília / DF, from September 12 to 15. 2017. This proposal was presented during the meeting where more than 150 experiences were registered. We already have

552 Collaborators / Partners
289 Registered Locations
202 Reports of Experiences in Agroecology and Agroforestry Systems implemented

The Agroecology Map has held since been maintained by volunteers and our desire now is to bring improvements and new features, including a mobile app allowing more people to actively participate in this network. Our goal here is also to redesign the entire interface to make it more intuitive and easy.

The Agroecology Map is Free Software, meaning that all source code (knowledge), besides its data, is free and can be used and shared freely. We believe that the Free Software movement's ideals of building "Socially Fair, Economically Viable and Technologically Sustainable" technology are in perfect synergy and sync with the many ideas and practices of Agroecology.

We believe in freedom, solidarity and sustainability. And we would like to continue our journey with your help. Together, walking and planting respectfully, hard to reap new fruits, knowledge, practices and thus build sustainable and fair solutions.

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Thank you very much!

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